A Better Life

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A Better Life
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Role: Art Direction, Illustration, Animation

A Better Life is a 8-part series of cinemagraphs capturing my parents’ experiences as refugees from the Vietnam War after the fall of Saigon. My thesis tackled many personal Asian American experiences I wanted to address: A lack of dialogue between our family, a need for learning and understanding, a want to create a gift to my parents as per following the morals of the fillial piety and a look into the true sacrifices my parents made to give my brothers and I A Better Life as they left their homeland behind.

There are two phases this project went into:
Phase 1 — Conversation, Interview, Research
Phase 2 — Art direction, Production, Animation, Exhibition

— Phase 1 — 

“All I know is that my dad came here on a
boat and my mom came here by plane...”

— Pre-thesis age 5-20 year old Clara


— Phase 2 — 

Inspiration & Preliminary sketches


“You know what? My goal was to bring you guys over
here. And… now I had fulfilled my goal.”

— My mother quoting her mother’s last wishes

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